managing your money as a freelancer

Managing Your Money as a Freelancer

Over the last two years, I’ve steadily increased my side hustle income. Despite the fact that I’ve always been pretty good with my money, there were still a few things I had to learn along…

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budgeting tips for students

Budgeting Tips for Students

With the start of the school year just a month away, it’s time to start thinking about budgeting tips for students. Generally speaking, students don’t have many expenses but it’s during your school years that…

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Make more money

10 Ways to Make More Money

For many of us what we earn at our day jobs is our only source of income. This isn’t a bad thing, but I think it’s fair to say that many of our salaries are barely keeping…

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budget for yourself, not someone else

Budget for Yourself, Not for Someone Else

Often people ask me for budgeting tips. It could be a general question such as what’s the best way to budget, or sometimes it gets a bit more personal e.g. how much do I save and…

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Canadian student loan

Canadian Student Loan Options

The cost of a post-secondary education seems to be increasing every year; fortunately getting a Canadian student loan is a pretty straight forward process through the Government of Canada. The federal government essentially offers 2…

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