Robo advisors

Picking the Right Robo Advisor for You

For too many years Canadians had to look southward and enviously gaze at the bevy of hands-off investing options that our American counterparts had to choose from.  Thankfully, this lack of choice in The Great White North has changed in a big way over the past couple of years. While you might be tempted to…

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past performance

Past Performance is Not Indicative of Future Results

If you’ve ever spoken to an investment advisor who works for a bank, the odds are they showed you charts with the past performance. This is done to show you that the funds are a “proven” winner and you should invest them. However, what they should really be telling you (but never will) is that…

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fintech in Canada

FinTech in Canada Explained

FinTech in Canada has been growing at a rapid pace. New players are coming online all the time which has given Canadians more choice when it comes to their financial needs. Even traditional banks have recognized the importance of Fintech and have started to roll out new products that are clearly targeting people who are…

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