How do Supplementary Credit Cards Work?

Have you ever wondered how do supplementary credit cards work? Whenever you sign up for a new credit card, you’re always asked if you want to add a supplementary card or an authorized user credit card. Saying yes can be a great way for families to manage their finances, but are there any risks involved…

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Should You Lend Money to Friends or Family

Should You Lend Money to Friends or Family?

One of the most common questions I get is should you lend money to family or friends? Generally speaking, I’d advise against it, but I understand it’s a complicated situation. You want to help if you can, but at the same time, money can ruin relationships. I personally have been burned twice lending money to…

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5 simple ways to improve yourself

5 Simple Ways to Improve Yourself

As part of National Self-Improvement Month (September), I partnered with Optimity to bring you a story that focuses on health and finances. Read this guest post now and find out why it’s time to reach those personal development goals that you’ve been putting off the whole summer. As the seasons change, take a look at…

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5 Reasons You Need to Create a Will Before Your Next Trip

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or taking your first big trip, the key to a stress-free vacation is planning ahead. But before you start packing your flip flops and swimsuit, make sure you’ve got this one essential travel item: a will. Why do you need a will before heading out on your trip, you ask?…

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3 Things to do With Your Money After Getting Married

I got serious about my money when I proposed to my wife nine years ago. Saving for the engagement ring was a big deal, and I knew we would have a lot of upcoming expenses as we started to plan for our wedding. Fortunately, my wife and I were on the same page, but there…

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Should You Save Your Friends From Money Mistakes?

As a personal finance blogger, I know more about money than the average person. I suppose this is a good thing since I never (hopefully) have to worry about money. But, am I supposed to get involved when the people around me start complaining about money? My logical conclusion is no. It’s not my job…

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money problems in marriage

5 Money Problems in Marriage to Avoid

My wife and I have been married for six years now and I like to think we’ve got our finances figured out. We share expenses, we have a budget, and we know exactly where all our money is going. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about all couples. Money problems in marriage are pretty much…

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save money on your wedding

10 Tips to Help Save Money on Your Wedding

Valentines’s Day was last month and if you and your significant other got engaged, then I congratulate you. I remember my wedding day like it was yesterday (okay maybe not every detail), but I do remember that planning was stressful at times. I’m a pretty relaxed person, but a lot of planning goes into a wedding…

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financial red flags

3 Financial Red Flags in a Relationship

Relationships are like hard. We hopefully won’t go through too many partners before we find that special someone, but way too often we come across relationship red flags that make us wonder if we can do better. It’s easy to overlook superficial issues, but when it comes to financial red flags there are definitely some deal…

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Money Mistakes Couples Make

I’ve reached an unfortunate milestone in my life. I’m at the age where some of my peers are getting divorced. I really shouldn’t be too surprised since statistics show that 43% of Canadians will get divorced before the age of 50, but it’s still a sad thing to hear. Back in 2011 Statistics Canada stopped tracking national divorce rates because…

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