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mortgage basics aerial

Mortgage Basics Explained

Earlier in the year, my wife and I had bought our first home. Because we had done our research and had been saving diligently, we felt confident when we reached out to our realtor. After speaking to our realtor, we might actually be in the minority. While talking to my mortgage broker, he commented how…

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Save $30,000 by picking the right mortgage

Save $30,000 in 30-Minutes by Picking the Right Mortgage

I love to shop around! Nothing excites me more than getting the perfect deal, but it’s also about the right fit. Ever since my wife and I moved into our home, we spent hours picking out the paint colours and furniture. Honestly, I didn’t care that much, but this is our home, so I understand…

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Toronto Bloor Street

The Average Income to buy a Home in the GTA is how Much?

When my wife and I bought our home, we made the decision to not to go over $450K. We were approved for much more (like $1 million plus), but it was just way outside of our comfort zone. Even though we had a huge down payment, we just didn’t feel comfortable borrowing a ton of money…

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I bought a home

I bought a home, now what?

A few months ago I wrote about how I bought a condo. Despite how much I prepared, there was no way for sure to tell what would happen after I closed. Well, some things went according to plan, but some other things came up that were a bit annoying. As a money guy, it was…

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mortgage mistakes to avoid

5 Mortgage Mistakes to Avoid When Applying

For most people, getting a mortgage is a must when purchasing a home. It’s a pretty straight-forward process, you borrow money from a lender so you can purchase a home. Despite how “simple” it sounds, there are plenty of mortgage mistakes to avoid when you’re making an application. The biggest mistake is arguably not getting pre-approved…

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Assembling Your Real Estate Team

So I bought a condo, we actually took possession a few days ago. Surprised I didn’t mention it? It happened pretty quickly, but buying a home has been something my wife and I had been discussing for a while. As exciting as buying a home is, the financial commitment is, well, A LOT! My maintenance…

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steps to purchasing a home

The Steps to Purchasing a Home

Buying a home will most likely be the most expensive decision you make in our lives so it shouldn’t be taken lightly. I find it absolutely amazing how some people will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, possibly even up to a million dollars without giving some serious thought about it. Way too often some of…

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The Best Time to buy a Home in Toronto

The Best Time to buy a Home

With the cost of real estate at record highs in Canada, you’d be forgiven if you decided to sit on the sidelines. No one can predict what will happens with prices, but what we can do is be smart about how much money we borrow. Buying a home will be the largest purchase of your…

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The overlooked costs of buying a home include property taxes

Overlooked Costs of Buying a Home

With only 5% required for a down payment and banks practically giving away money, many people are rushing out to find their dream home. But are you really ready to buy a home? Have you considered all the costs of buying a home? Many of those extra costs don’t show up in affordability calculators so be prepared…

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Must have insurance

5 Must Have Insurance Policies

Insurance is a must in many cases but some of us choose to do without it since the monthly premium cuts into our bottom line. This is a huge mistake, having the right insurance should be part of our financial plans, but what is considered must have insurance? Life insurance I’ve actually come across people who don’t…

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