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know how much home you can afford

Know What You Can Afford Before You Buy a Home

**This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of BMO. All opinions are my own. Everyone knows that home prices are insane in Canada, but despite how much we complain, many homeowners love seeing their property values go up in price. It’s first-time homeowners – who are usually younger – that really end…

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Your Realtor is not a Financial Advisor

Despite the downward trend, real estate is still insane in Canada. To be honest, I haven’t been paying much attention to the headlines as of late, but it seems like everyone is a real estate expert these days. Talk to any homeowner, and they’ll tell you about how much their homes have gone up in…

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first mortgage

Advice for Getting Your First Mortgage

It was just over a year ago that I purchased my first home and with it came my first mortgage. As a personal finance expert, I was quite familiar with mortgages, so there were no surprises for me. However, many first-time homebuyers may not be familiar with the process of getting a mortgage which is…

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prepare to be a homeowner

How to Prepare to be a Homeowner

You’ve decided that this is the year you buy a home, but have you ever thought about how to prepare to be a homeowner? This will likely be the largest purchase of your life, so you won’t want to rush things. Owning a home is a serious decision, so you want to get it right.…

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mortgage basics aerial

Mortgage Basics Explained

Earlier in the year, my wife and I had bought our first home. Because we had done our research and had been saving diligently, we felt confident when we reached out to our realtor. After speaking to our realtor, we might actually be in the minority. While talking to my mortgage broker, he commented how…

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I bought a home

I bought a home, now what?

A few months ago I wrote about how I bought a condo. Despite how much I prepared, there was no way for sure to tell what would happen after I closed. Well, some things went according to plan, but some other things came up that were a bit annoying. As a money guy, it was…

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mortgage mistakes to avoid

5 Mortgage Mistakes to Avoid When Applying

For most people, getting a mortgage is a must when purchasing a home. It’s a pretty straight-forward process, you borrow money from a lender so you can purchase a home. Despite how “simple” it sounds, there are plenty of mortgage mistakes to avoid when you’re making an application. The biggest mistake is arguably not getting pre-approved…

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Assembling Your Real Estate Team

So I bought a condo, we actually took possession a few days ago. Surprised I didn’t mention it? It happened pretty quickly, but buying a home has been something my wife and I had been discussing for a while. As exciting as buying a home is, the financial commitment is, well, A LOT! My maintenance…

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7 Ways To Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

Yikes, fewer Canadians are paying off their mortgages faster according to a poll done by CIBC.  Only 55% of us with mortgages plan to make extra payments compared to 68% polled last year. Okay, I suppose it’s possible that homeowners are taking advantage of the low interest rates and we’re investing their extra money instead…

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