The Average Income to buy a Home in the GTA is how Much?

When my wife and I bought our home, we made the decision to not to go over $450K. We were approved for much more (like $1 million plus), but it was just way outside of our comfort zone. Even though we had a huge down payment, we just didn’t feel comfortable borrowing a ton of money [...]

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5 Mortgage Mistakes to Avoid When Applying

For most people, getting a mortgage is a must when purchasing a home. It's a pretty straight-forward process, you borrow money from a lender so you can purchase a home. Despite how "simple" it sounds, there are plenty of mortgage mistakes to avoid when you're making an application. The biggest mistake is arguably not getting pre-approved [...]

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The Difference Between Mortgage Amortization and Term

Turns out 2015 wasn't the year for rising interest rates, in fact we ended up having 2 interest rate cuts. With rates being so low and expected changes to the Home Buyer Plan, many Canadians might be ready to buy in the new year. Low interest rates can be a bit deceiving since home ownership may [...]

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Overlooked Costs of Buying a Home

With only 5% required for a down payment and banks practically giving away money, many people are rushing out to find their dream home. But are you really ready to buy a home? Have you considered all the costs of buying a home? Many of those extra costs don't show up in affordability calculators so be prepared [...]

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5 Must Have Insurance Policies

Insurance is a must in many cases but some of us choose to do without it since the monthly premium cuts into our bottom line. This is a huge mistake, having the right insurance should be part of our financial plans, but what is considered must have insurance? Insurance policies everyone should own Life insurance – I’ve [...]

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What’s Up With The Canadian Economy?

I'm not sure if you've been paying attention but the Canadian economy has been making a ton of headlines. These stories have been so big that they are making the front pages of newspapers and leading newscasts on TV. The average person probably doesn't keep up with news in general but here's a few things that [...]

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