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Turo review

Turo Review: Airbnb for cars

Are you looking for a Turo review from someone who’s actually used the platform? Do you have a vehicle that spends more time sitting in your driveway than on the road and want to make…

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Tims Rewards guide

Tims Rewards Guide | Maximize your points

When it comes to Canada, several things come to mind. Snow, maple syrup, hockey, and of course, Tim Hortons. Tim Hortons is a Canadian staple and has been for decades, with some menu items such…

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How to pay off your credit card

How to Pay Off Your Credit Card

Don’t feel bad if you’re wondering how to pay off your credit card? Some people may have just received their credit card statement for the first time and have no idea how to pay. Alternatively,…

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all-in-one ETFs

DIY Investing: All-in-one ETFs

With thousands of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and index funds available in the market, it can be dizzying trying to determine which are the most suitable for your investor type. No one can predict which industries…

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Scotia Rewards

Scene+ Guide | Formerly Scotia Rewards

Previously, Scotia Rewards and SCENE were two different programs, but they merge to become Scene+. This was an interesting play by Scotiabank, as they’re clearly trying to attract more people to their loyalty program with…

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work from home jobs in Canada

16 Best Work From Home Jobs in Canada

No daily commute. No wardrobe costs. No need to pack a lunch. And a chance to work (even in your PJs if you wish) without having a boss to look over your shoulder. These are…

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critical illness insurance

Critical Illness Insurance: What is it?

Critical illness insurance is often overlooked, but it could be an important insurance policy for some people. If you get really sick or are diagnosed with a condition that requires immediate treatment, you might not…

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PolicyMe Review | The Easiest Way to Find Life Insurance

Are you looking for a PolicyMe review? In this post, I’m going to share what life insurance is, why you may need it, and how it’s now easier than ever to purchase life insurance. Life…

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Costco membership benefits in Canada

Costco Membership Benefits in Canada

Costco membership benefits in Canada aren’t always obvious. Some people assume Costco only sells groceries and items in bulk. While it’s true that Costco is a bulk purchase store, they sell much more than groceries.…

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What is universal life insurance

What is Universal Life Insurance?

Universal life insurance is a type of permanent life insurance. It is lauded for being more flexible than other options, such as whole life insurance. However, while some view it as an investment strategy, others…

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