11 Ways to Save on Your Home and Car Insurance

Price is often top of mind when buying insurance since it can be a huge expense for many people. However, many people hate paying for something they’ll hopefully never have to use. Plus, in certain cases (like car insurance), you’re legally required to have it. So, how can you get the coverage you need at [...]

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PC Optimum Points | How to earn more points fast!

PC Optimum Points is one of the most popular loyalty programs in Canada. It’s probably the #1 retail loyalty program in the country and you should definitely join it if you’re not already a member. In case you didn’t know, PC Optimum is the merged program of Optimum and PC Plus. This merger took place [...]

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LBC Digital Review

The best high interest savings accounts in Canada just got a new player as Laurentian Bank has just launched LBC Digital, an online bank that helps Canadians improve their financial health. Like many other digital banks, you’ll pay no fees and get a high interest rate which is currently at 3.30%. This is obviously appealing [...]

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Best Prepaid Credit Cards in Canada

Deciding on the best prepaid credit cards in Canada is pretty subjective. Some people are looking for a prepaid credit card because they want to increase their credit score while others prefer a hybrid card that allows you to preload funds and get rewards while using a credit card network. Prepaid credit cards don’t give [...]

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Wealthsimple Review | Best robo advisors in Canada

Are you looking for an easy way to invest but not sure where to begin? Do you want a method that will save you time, stress, and even money? Then maybe it’s time that you considered a robo advisor.Despite the name, it’s important to note that robo advisors are not robots. The process is automated [...]

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5 Pieces of Financial Advice I Wish I Knew in my 20’s

**This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Borrowell. All opinions are my own. Growing up I was fortunate that my parents taught me some of the basics when it came to personal finance. I was encouraged by them to open a bank account when I was young and they told me [...]

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