5 Pieces of Financial Advice I Wish I Knew in my 20’s

**This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Borrowell. All opinions are my own. Growing up I was fortunate that my parents taught me some of the basics when it came to personal finance. I was encouraged by them to open a bank account when I was young and they told me [...]

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Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card Review

**This article contains affiliate links Apply by January 31, 2020 for the Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card and you'll earn 4% cash back in up to 3 categories for 3 months. Tangerine is one of the most trusted banks in Canada. They've innovated and have been an industry leader over the years so there's no surprise [...]

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PolicyMe Review | The Easiest Way to Find Life Insurance

Do you have life insurance? Life insurance is one of those things in life that people tend to hold off on. Why? Well, there are two main reasons. Firstly, thinking about your death is pretty morbid and probably not something you want to spend your time focusing on. Secondly, finding the right life insurance policy [...]

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A Costco Membership Breakdown: Is the Costco Executive Membership Really Worth It?

Are you thinking of becoming a Costco member? Many Canadians are, and for good reason. Costco is a bulk store that offers pretty decent discounts for buying, well, in bulk. A Costco membership is more than just being able to buy large quantities of chicken breasts or paper towel rolls at a time.  While the [...]

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American Express Platinum Canada Review

Let's get to the point, my American Express Platinum Canada review is positive since it's easily one of the best travel credit cards in Canada. The card comes with a yearly fee of $699 which is quite high, but it comes with a huge signup bonus, amazing benefits, and plenty of airline and hotel transfer [...]

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5 Reasons You Need to Create a Will Before Your Next Trip

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or taking your first big trip, the key to a stress-free vacation is planning ahead. But before you start packing your flip flops and swimsuit, make sure you’ve got this one essential travel item: a will. Why do you need a will before heading out on your trip, you ask? [...]

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How These 4 People are Making Side Hustles Work for Them

Side hustles are all the rage these days. If you're not familiar with the term, side hustles are basically jobs that allow you to earn extra income outside of your regular job. Some people look for side hustles because they want the extra income while others have realized that they can make money from the [...]

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