Is Spending Over $300 on a Naturopath Appointment Worthwhile?

Just last year, I was dealing with a ton of physical health issues. To be honest with you, it’s hard to explain all my bodily functions without likely forcing you to click exit or try to read while simultaneously covering your eyes. So, I’ll try to simplify my health into a basic explanation. In 2016, [...]

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This Behaviour has Been Ruining Your Budget, and You Didn’t Even Realize it

**Editor's note: This is the first post from one of my new regular contributors, Alyssa Fischer. She claims she's not an expert on personal finance — which is why it's easy for her to explain financial topics without getting too intense. You can find her on her blog, Mixed Up Money, where she proves money [...]

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6 Things You Should Know About Deposit Insurance in Canada

This is a sponsored post written by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation. This has been reviewed and approved by Editor’s note: One of the most common questions I get is what happens to your deposited money if a bank fails? Well the good news is that you’re covered up to $100,000 thanks to the [...]

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Why I Don’t Bother with Extended Warranty

The first paid job I ever had was with a company called CompuSmart. It was a big box retailer from western Canada who was opening their first store in Ontario. I was hired to do sales in software and upgrades, and I couldn’t have been more excited. During my training, it seemed pretty obvious that [...]

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