What is Your Money for?

Back in November I attended the Canadian Personal Finance Conference. If you’re not familiar with CPFC, it’s basically where a lot of Canadian money bloggers, writers, and professionals get together to talk about content, branding, and all things money. One of the keynote speakers was Bruce Sellery, the author of Moolala. I’ve known Bruce for [...]

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6 Things I’ve Bought Used (and you should too)

Some people I know only buy things new. I get it; there’s a certain appeal about getting something brand new or being the first owner. But for me, purchasing some things used sometimes makes sense. Okay, let’s be realistic, I do it is because I can save money. Many items are significantly cheaper when bought used. [...]

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The Cost of Travel: See the world without spending a fortune

As a budget travel expert, I've come across a ton of ways to save money over the years. I've written about them in multiple posts, but now I've put all those tips together in an eBook. The Cost of Travel: How to see the world without spending a fortune is available to you for free! [...]

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Turo Review: Rent out Your car and Make Money!

Owning a car is notoriously expensive, but did you know you can actually make money with your car? Turo (formerly RelayRides) bills themselves as the Airbnb for cars is a service that allows you to rent out your car for cash! That’s right, when you’re not using your vehicle, you can rent it out to [...]

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Taking the Next Steps to get You to Your Goals

It’s mid-January which means it’s time for me to check in on your New Year’s resolutions. I didn’t write about resolutions this year because I don’t believe in them. Let me reword that, I think most people don’t end up sticking to their resolutions, so I don’t see a point in making them. Instead of [...]

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American Express Platinum Canada Review

For the longest time I’ve been avoiding an American Express Platinum Canada review because, well, because I never had the card. The card comes with a yearly fee of $699 which cannot be waived, so I never really looked into the details. What a mistake, even with the insane fee, there’s a lot of value [...]

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The Millionaire Teacher review

The Millionaire Teacher is back! Okay, he technically didn’t go anywhere, but author Andrew Hallam has just released the second edition of his book The Millionaire Teacher: The Nine Rules of Wealth You Should Have Learned in School. Let’s be clear, if you’re looking to learn about personal finance and investing, this is a must [...]

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