save money on your wedding

10 Tips to Help Save Money on Your Wedding

Valentines’s Day was last month and if you and your significant other got engaged, then I congratulate you. I remember my wedding day like it was yesterday (okay maybe not every detail), but I do remember that planning was stressful at times. I’m a pretty relaxed person, but a lot of planning goes into a wedding…

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Retire young

YOLO or Retire Young?

Turns out that a majority (62 per cent) of Canadian millennials (aged 18-34) say that they have already started saving for retirement and almost half (46 per cent) say they started before the age of 25 according to a new survey done by Tangerine. At face value these stats are pretty impressive when compared to those surveyed in…

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smart money habits for millennials

7 Smart Money Habits for Millennials

I fall into the upper age bracket of the millennial category so I always find it fascinating when I see money reports about this age demographic. I wish I book marked all the different reports but I remember one headline saying that millennials aren’t saving as much as boomers did, while another said that they…

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What do you really know about money?

What do You Really Know About Money?

We’re quickly approaching the end of Financial Literacy Month in Canada so hopefully you’ve been taking the time to learn more about your money. If not, what has been stopping you? Many people out there believe that they’re doing just fine with their money, so there’s no need to learn more, but what do you really…

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teach your kids about money

6 Tips for How to Teach Kids About Money

My daughter turns four this year and she already has a clear grasp of money. It’s not like my wife and I went out of out way to educate her, but we’ve introduced concepts that relate to daily life. For example, when she was younger she would freak out if she didn’t get something right…

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toxic people

5 Toxic People to Cut From Your Life

Keeping up with the Joneses is one of the most popular terms for personal finance writers. It’s a pretty overused term, but it really drives the point across. If you’re unfamiliar with the term it basically refers to when you want to have the same expensive things as your friends or neighbours (the Joneses). The belief…

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Managing Your Money in Your 20’s

If you’re in your 20’s, what you do with your money now could have a lasting impact on your financial future. Hopefully you’ve already accepted and come to terms with the money truths, so it’s time to start getting serious about managing your money. It might seem intimidating at first, but trust me, managing your…

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Take advantage of free government money with RESPs

Parents Don’t Like Free Government Money

Canadian parents don’t like free government money. 47% of parents have yet to open a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) according to a new survey by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada. An RESP is easily the best way to save for your child’s education since the money is tax-free, and the government offers a Canadian…

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TFSA Questions From New Grads

Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSA) have been around since 2009 yet many people still don’t quite get how they work. The Canadian Revenue Agency does a good job explaining tax free savings accounts on their website, so I’m going to focus on answering some common TFSA questions that new grads have. When should I open up a…

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Joint Bank Accounts

We’ve all had the family finances talk and we’re still alive right?  Good lets move onto one aspect of our finances that affects all of us. Joint bank accounts! Setting up joint accounts are important but so is having individual accounts so each of us still retains a bit of financial independence. The following is…

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