What is a High-Ratio Mortgage

What is a High-Ratio Mortgage?

Do you know what is a high-ratio mortgage? Buying a home in Canada is a huge expense, especially in cities such as Toronto and Vancouver. Saving up for a down payment can take a lot…

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How to renew a mortgage

How to Renew a Mortgage | Save by shopping around

Knowing how to renew a mortgage is essential as a homeowner since you’ll likely do it multiple times. Similar to your first mortgage, You’ll have different options available to help you save money when it comes…

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RRSP Withdrawal Rules

RRSP Withdrawal Rules: What You Need To Know

If you’re saving for your retirement, the odds are that you’re using your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP). This is an excellent tool to save money, but eventually, you’ll need to withdraw your funds. Knowing…

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Billi review image

Billi Review | Manage your finances with ease

Digital finance tools have been a great help to many Canadians. We can invest online, pay off our credit cards with a few taps, send e-transfers in seconds, and even create personal budgets on our…

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How to buy a house in Ontario

How to buy a House in Ontario | Step-by-step guide

Figuring out how to buy a house in Ontario is something many people will struggle to do. Not only will you need a significant down payment for your home purchase, but there are many steps…

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What is a fixed rate mortgage

What is a Fixed Rate Mortgage?

Knowing what is a fixed rate mortgage is essential if you plan on buying a home as it’ll impact how much you’re paying each month. One of the biggest debates in the finance world is…

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What is a prepayment penalty

What is a Prepayment Penalty?

Have you ever wondered what is a prepayment penalty? Homeowners end up paying a huge amount in interest on their homes from their mortgage payments, so it makes sense to want to pay it off…

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How is mortgage interest calculated

How is Mortgage Interest Calculated?

Some people wonder how is mortgage interest calculated. There are actually two answers depending on what type of mortgage interest you’re talking about: The interest rate you’re given and the actual amount of interest you’d…

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How much is a down payment on a house

How Much is a Down Payment on a House?

Have you ever wondered how much is a down payment on a house? How much you need to put down depends on the purchase price of the home. Buying a home is a huge process…

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Willow review

Willow Review | How to invest in commercial real estate

Did you know that real estate investing has created 90% of the world’s millionaires? It’s an impressive statistic. However, as many of us know, you need to be in pretty good financial standing to be…

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