Open Vs Closed Mortgages

Open Vs Closed Mortgages: What’s The Difference?

If you’re looking to get a new mortgage or you need to renew your current one, you’ll want to quickly become familiar with open vs closed mortgages. The most significant difference between open and closed…

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What is a cash back mortgage

What is a Cash Back Mortgage?

The idea behind a cash back mortgage is simple: when you purchase a home and your mortgage closes, the lender advances you an extra lump sum of money in the form of a ‘cash back.’…

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What is the First Home Savings Account

What is the Tax-Free First Home Savings Account? A detailed guide

What is the Tax-Free first home savings account (FHSA)? The FHSA is a new account that was introduced in the 2022 federal budget and is set to be available to Canadians in 2023. It basically…

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What are closing costs in Canada

What are Closing Costs in Canada?

You may think when you finally get the keys to your brand new home you’re finished with the upfront costs. But there’s one last set of bills to pay – namely, the closing costs. Here’s…

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6 Things You Should Know About Deposit Insurance in Canada

This is a sponsored post written by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation. This has been reviewed and approved by One of the most common questions I get is what happens to your deposited money…

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What do condo fees cover

What do Condo Fees Cover?

If you’re thinking about buying a condominium, you’ve probably asked what do condo fees cover? Generally speaking, condo fees (or strata fees) cover building maintenance, amenities, and utilities. Some people think condo fees are a rip-off,…

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Lotly Investing review

Lotly Investing Review

Real estate has been a popular investment option for years. However, as the cost of homes skyrocket across Canada, many Canadians struggle to afford a single home to live in. This means that for the…

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The Best High-Interest Savings Accounts in Canada

With Canada having some of its lowest interest rates in the last decade the thought of a high-interest savings accounts in Canada may seem absurd. To complicate things, there are so many different banks in…

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How to prepare for a recession

How to Prepare for a Recession: 9 Tips

If you’re researching how to prepare for a recession, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many people have noticed that stock markets have dropped, real estate values have decreased, and interest rates have spiked, so they’re…

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what is a trigger rate

What is a Trigger Rate and How to Avoid it

What is a trigger rate? It’s a question that many homeowners thought they’d never have to ask. However, since the Bank of Canada has steadily raised interest rates, it’s a topic that has crossed the minds…

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