Travel Hacks That Will Help You Save Money Now!

Over the years, travel hacking has become a popular thing. Travel hacking traditionally referred to people who collect frequent flier points and miles to get free flights and hotels, but these days the term is used in a more general sense. To me, travel hacks are tips, tricks, and tools that can help all travellers. [...]

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Online Investing has Never Been Easier Than it is Right Now

**Editors note: Today's guest post comes from Dan Kent, a writer and co-founder of A DIY investor for 7 years now, Dan has a combination of dividend, growth and real estate investments in his portfolio and is looking to continually grow his net worth. You can follow him on Twitter at @Stocktrades_CA To most in [...]

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Have we Become Obsessed With Rewards Points?

I recently met up with fellow personal finance blogger Jen from Jen On Money where we were discussing debt (were you expecting anything else?). Eventually, the conversation shifted to credit cards which then lead to rewards points and how millennials are obsessed with them. It’s not hard to see why rewards points have become so [...]

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