RBC Rewards | How to get the most out of your points

RBC Rewards is Royal Bank’s credit card rewards program and is quite popular in Canada. To be honest, the program is likely popular since RBC is one of the big banks in Canada, but the good thing is that RBC Rewards is a decent rewards programs that travellers and RBC clients will want to know [...]

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Dynamic Currency Conversion Explained

When it comes to travelling, dynamic currency conversion is something you need to know about since it’s one of the biggest travel fees you can avoid. In case you’re not familiar with dynamic currency conversion, it’s when you get the option to pay for your purchases in your home currency when using credit cards abroad. [...]

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How Much Does it Cost to go to Singapore?

When it comes to travel in Southeast Asia, Singapore usually finds its way on the must-see list. This small country really stands out in this part of the world. While it still has plenty of temples and cultural attractions it is incredibly modern and, in some parts, maybe even a little bit futuristic. Of course, [...]

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