Paysimply review

Paysimply Review | Pay your taxes and bills with credit cards

Paying your income taxes, city taxes, or hydro bills with a credit card may not seem like a good idea since you’re usually charged a fee for the service. However, since many credit cards require…

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What Happens if I Don’t use my Credit Card

The Best Travel Credit Cards in Canada 2024: Top Ranked List

With travel becoming more expensive, choosing one of the best travel credit cards in Canada in 2024 has never been more important. Having the right card ensures you earn points or miles on your everyday…

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Small Business Insurance Explained

It was 10 years ago when I became a small business owner. I started small with this blog, but over the years, I’ve become a media consultant, freelance writer, brand ambassador and more. While growing…

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Is the American Express Platinum Card Worth it

Is the American Express Platinum Card Worth it?

In late 2023, the American Express Platinum Card was refreshed. Although new credits were added to the card, the annual fee also increased to $799. That’s the highest yearly fee for any personal credit card…

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