Get Your Status Matched on WestJet

If you haven't heard, Westjet is offering one of the best promotions ever by matching your status with a competitive airline. That's right, you can instantly earn Gold status with WestJet by following these three easy steps: By August 31, 2018, send in proof of your current frequent flyer status (valid till February 28, 2019) with [...]

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The Best High Interest Savings Accounts in Canada

**This post contains affiliate links I hate having my money sit in a bank account doing nothing which is why I always move any funds I don’t immediately need to my high interest savings account (HISA). As the name implies, any money you have parked in a HISA earns you high interest. Of course, the [...]

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How Much Does it Cost to Go to Paris?

Ah, Paris. The city of light and the city of love. The capital of France is a top contender on many people’s budget lists. Sites and attractions such as the Eiffel Tour, the Louvre, and the Moulin Rouge paired with delicious French cuisine, beautiful architecture, and a rich history all add to the allure of [...]

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