The Best Foodie Destinations in the World

Ever since I stopped backpacking during my travels, I made food one of my priorities whenever I went abroad. Honestly, I would rather eat delicious food than stare at ancient temples or historic churches. Heck, I even remember when my wife and I were in Nara, Japan and decided to call it quits because we had [...]

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The Best Capsule Hotels in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan is a dream destination for many, however, the fear of expensive costs often makes people second guess travelling to this county. That being said, Japan has some pretty cool and affordable accommodation options, including capsule hotels in Tokyo. What is a capsule hotel? Also known as a pod hotel, a capsule hotel provides [...]

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Travel to a Galaxy Far Far Away With These Star Wars Inspired Destinations

With mere weeks until the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, the new Han Solo Star Wars spin-off, the excitement is palpable as die-hard fans of the Jedi wait to see which far off galaxy their beloved hero will take them. To celebrate the new film which by the way coincides with the 41st [...]

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The Cheapest and Most Popular Destinations in 2018 for Canadians

Travelling within Canada is notoriously expensive, but it turns out right now is the cheapest time to travel across the country. Well, not this exact moment, but rather the month of April is when you’ll find the best deals. According to KAYAK, the world’s leading travel search engine, the week of April 23rd is the [...]

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How Much Does it Cost to Go to Japan?

If you plan on travelling to Japan for the first question most people ask is how much does it cost to go to Japan? There's a big misconception that Japan is expensive, but I didn't find it to be that much more expensive than other major cities I've visited. There are plenty of ways to do Japan on [...]

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Best Apartments in Tokyo | Your 2018 Insiders Guide

Japan has a reputation among travellers as being an expensive destination. Especially the vibrant capital of Tokyo. However, while there is no shortage of high-end hotels, there are more affordable options as well. These include the cheap Tokyo hotels and Tokyo hostels, but also apartments in Tokyo. Staying in apartments in Tokyo is a great [...]

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