Preparing your finances

Preparing your finances in case of a downturn

In case you missed it, Liberal Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced an $18.4-billion deficit in February. That’s a far cry from their original plan to keep the annual deficit at under $10 billion. This shouldn’t be terribly surprising considering how the Canadian economy has been doing as of late, but it does show how quickly…

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rules of personal finance

The Rules of Personal Finance

A few weeks ago I was watching the movie Fight Club. In one of the scenes, Brad Pitt’s character Tyler Durden was explaining the 8 rules of fight club. If you wanted to be part of the club, you had to follow the rules. It was pretty simple and didn’t need much more explaining, but…

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student loan payments

Getting on top of Your Student Loan Payments

I’m fortunate enough to have graduated without any student debt. My parents had set up a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) set up for me at a young age so I never to worry about taking out a loan. The cost of a post-secondary education has increased a fair amount since I graduated, so it…

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Try not to overspend

Overspending – Were You a Victim?

With Financial Literacy Month fast approaching, you’re probably going to come across a lot of articles about spending. You may have even heard by now how Canadians have record debt levels. Sure it’s a concerning stat, but what does that really mean to the everyday person? Stats don’t tell the whole story but they can…

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Money Mistakes Couples Make

I’ve reached an unfortunate milestone in my life. I’m at the age where some of my peers are getting divorced. I really shouldn’t be too surprised since statistics show that 43% of Canadians will get divorced before the age of 50, but it’s still a sad thing to hear. Back in 2011 Statistics Canada stopped tracking national divorce rates because…

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Paying down debt is easier with marketplace loans

Has Paying Down Debt Become Easier?

A few weeks back the Bank of Canada decided to cut interest rates for the second time this year. The fear was that Canada was near a recession and the lower rate would increase spending. Well, just 2 weeks later and it looks like we’re already in a recession. The lower rates will hopefully help…

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There are many debt repayment options

Debt Repayment Options

The stress of owing money can keep anyone up at night, fortunately, there are different debt repayment options that can help you pay down your debts faster than you might think. A young professional, in theory, should have an easier time paying off student loans, and credit card debt. However, someone who has abused credit…

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Peer to peer lending

Peer-To-Peer Lending Comes To Canada

**Money We Have has NO association with any peer-to-peer lenders. There are websites linking to this page that imply that we’re connected, but this is not the case. The below article is strictly for educational purposes. I do not endorse any peer-to-peer lender or payday loan company. Social trends are changing the way we do…

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How Much Debt Is Too Much Debt?

How much debt is too much debt? Well if you’re a fan of Gail Vaz-Oxlade then you should know that any kind of consumer debt is bad. Not surprising, yet still disappointing it appears that our household debt has risen 6% according to the annual debt report conducted by BMO Financial Group. According to the…

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