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millennial credit cards

Are Millennials Really not Using Credit Cards?

One of my favourite topics to write about is credit cards. I love credit card rewards which is why I charge most of my purchases (except at small merchants). I don’t think many people enjoy credit cards as much as I do but I do find it surprising when I read that millennials are using…

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credit mistakes

3 Credit Mistakes we Make

When we talk about credit mistakes, we tend to think about the obvious mistakes such as carrying a balance, or not paying our bills on time. Mistakes happen to all of us, including those of us who’re normally responsible with credit. It’s unlikely we’re all of a sudden going to forget to pay our bills. There…

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beware of credit card scams

Protect Yourself From Credit Card Scams

Credit card scams have become a real issue as of late. I guess when major companies like Home Depot and Target have major data breaches which affects more than 50 million cardholders, we start to take fraud and identity theft seriously. Some of us have already been overtaken by fear and have switched to cash only payments. Okay, so…

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How to build a good credit score

Building a Good Credit Score

I write about debt a lot. It’s not that I particularly enjoy writing about debt, it’s unfortunately just a subject that many people can relate to– Canadians have record debt levels after all. We get so focused on debt, that sometimes we forget about other things, such as having a good credit score. Credit is probably…

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When you apply for a credit card you take a hit on your credit score.

Does Applying for a Credit Card Affect Your Credit Score?

I’m a huge fan of credit cards. As a self-proclaimed points whore, I try to charge everything I can to my credit cards so I can maximize the rewards. Without a doubt, the quickest way to accumulate more points is to apply for credit cards offering massive signup bonuses, but does applying for a credit card affect your credit score?…

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