Credit score

7 Reasons Why Your Credit Card Application Was Denied

Applying for a new credit card should be a pretty straightforward process. You find a card that you’re interested in, you put in your personal information, and you hit apply. If things go well, you’ll be approved instantly. However, sometimes, there’s not an immediate decision and you need to wait 7-10 business days to see…

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fraud and identity theft

8 Ways to Protect Yourself From Fraud and Identity Theft

Every year there seems to be a major cyberattack in Canada. The most recent one being the cyberattack on the Canada Revenue Agency which exposed the data of many Canadians. Shortly after that information was compromised, hackers used it to change the banking information of victims so they could fraudulently accept CERB payments. It sounds…

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Secured vs Unsecured Credit Cards

By now we all know there are numerous types of credit cards; cash back, rewards, travel, balance transfer, etc. But, did you also know that there are secured and unsecured credit cards? What is a secured credit card? What is an unsecured credit card? Is one necessarily better than the other? Depending on your situation,…

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What Happens if I Don’t use my Credit Card

What Happens if I Don’t use my Credit Card?

With increased debt loads across the country, many Canadians, including millennials, have decided to start using cash and debit more. But that brings up an interesting question. What happens if I don’t use my credit card? It really depends on our individual situation. In theory, we’ll spend less since research has found we spend less…

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How to build a good credit score

Building a Good Credit Score

I write about debt a lot. It’s not that I particularly enjoy writing about debt, it’s unfortunately just a subject that many people can relate to– Canadians have record debt levels after all. We get so focused on debt, that sometimes we forget about other things, such as having a good credit score. Credit is probably…

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