Credit cards

9 Fees to cut From Your Daily Life

I hate paying fees; they cut into our cash flow, and they can cost us big in the long run. It’s amazing how fees are charged for everything these days, fortunately a lot of these fees you can eliminate or control. Here’s 9 fees to cut from your daily life. Banking Fees to cut out…

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Why I prefer credit cards

I’ll admit it, I love credit!  I charge just about everything. This might sound a bit odd since I just wrote about how credit cards F*^k with our minds but I actually prefer credit cards over cash since I use them responsibly. I want to make it clear right now that I ALWAYS pay my…

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6 Things We Need To Know About Credit Cards

This personal finance bumper is the first piece I ever did with Gail-Vaz Oxlade for City The 5 and I still find it fascinating how psychology affects our spending habits.  Off camera this is a subject we often talk about because it really is a big deal. Credit cards can totally mess with our minds…

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