Credit cards

When you apply for a credit card you take a hit on your credit score.

Does Applying for a Credit Card Affect Your Credit Score?

I’m a huge fan of credit cards. As a self-proclaimed points whore, I try to charge everything I can to my credit cards so I can maximize the rewards. Without a doubt, the quickest way to accumulate more points is to apply for credit cards offering massive signup bonuses, but does applying for a credit card affect your credit score?…

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Do you use cash or credit when shopping?

When Should I Use Cash Or Credit?

Cash or credit, it’s the endless debate. Some of us prefer the convenience of credit, but if we’re not careful, we could end up with a ton of debt. On the other hand, cash can help keep our spending under control, but we lose out on the benefits that credit offers. Personally, I prefer to use credits cards…

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Common Credit Card Benefits

Credit card debt is a serious issue but if used correctly those credit card benefits can really work for us. Think about it, assuming we pay our bills in full and on time then technically those benefits are form of payment that the credit card companies make to us. They may come in the form of…

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How To Find The Best Canadian Rewards Credit Card

Finding the best Canadian rewards credit card can be intimidating these days; travel rewards, cash back, store credit, what should you choose? Of course there’s also signup bonuses, multipliers, and yearly fees to consider, there’s got to be an easy way to figure these things out. has just introduced their Compare All Rewards Credit…

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9 Fees to cut From Your Daily Life

I hate paying fees; they cut into our cash flow, and they can cost us big in the long run. It’s amazing how fees are charged for everything these days, fortunately a lot of these fees you can eliminate or control. Here’s 9 fees to cut from your daily life. Banking Fees to cut out…

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Why I prefer credit cards

I’ll admit it, I love credit!  I charge just about everything. This might sound a bit odd since I just wrote about how credit cards F*^k with our minds but I actually prefer credit cards over cash since I use them responsibly. I want to make it clear right now that I ALWAYS pay my…

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6 Things We Need To Know About Credit Cards

This personal finance bumper is the first piece I ever did with Gail-Vaz Oxlade for City The 5 and I still find it fascinating how psychology affects our spending habits.  Off camera this is a subject we often talk about because it really is a big deal. Credit cards can totally mess with our minds…

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