Marriott Bonvoy Review

Let’s get to the point, my Marriott Bonvoy review is positive. Ever since Marriott Rewards merged with Starwood Preferred Guest and Ritz-Carlton Rewards in August 2018, the combined program has easily become the best hotel loyalty program in the world. On Feb. 13, 2019, the program changed their name to Marriott Bonvoy. Full disclosure, my [...]

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KOHO vs. STACK | Battle of the prepaid credit cards

Over the last two years, KOHO and STACK have become quite the players when it comes to prepaid credit cards in Canada. It’s really no surprise since both of them offer low or no fees, rewards, referral bonuses, and access to two of the largest credit networks in the world. The question is, which one [...]

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Banks

Although some people have decided to use digital banks only, the majority of Canadians still use brick and mortar banks. There’s nothing wrong with that, but the question is are you getting the most out of your banks? Traditional banks offer a variety of products services but it seems like many people are using them [...]

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Scotia Rewards | How to get the most out of your points

Scotia Rewards is one of the most popular credit card rewards programs in Canada. What makes it appealing is that it’s easiest to earn points and it’s one of the most flexible programs in Canada. When compared to other rewards programs from other major banks, many people believe Scotia Rewards is the best. In this [...]

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TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Review

There are many different Aeroplan credit cards on the market, but TD is the official partner of Aeroplan. Truth be told, it doesn’t matter who’s the official partner since consumers should only care about how specific cards benefit them. TD has three different Aeroplan cards, but the most popular one is the TD Aeroplan Visa [...]

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Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Business Review

When the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite card came out, it was embraced by the public since it was the first credit card from one of the major banks in Canada to offer no foreign exchange fees. In addition, you received 6 free annual airport lounge passes and it had a great redemption system in Scotia [...]

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Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card Review

**This article contains affiliate links ***Apply by July 31, 2019 for the Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card and you'll earn 4% Money-Back Rewards in up to 3 Categories for 3 Months Tangerine is one of the most trusted banks in Canada. They've innovated and been industry over the years so there's no surprise that their Tangerine [...]

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Best Prepaid Credit Cards in Canada

Deciding on the best prepaid credit cards in Canada is pretty subjective. Some people are looking for a prepaid credit card because they want to increase their credit score while others prefer a hybrid card that allows you to preload funds and get rewards while using a credit card network. Prepaid credit cards don’t give [...]

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Credit Cards With Lounge Access

**This post contains affiliate links One of the worst things about travelling is the airport experience before a flight or during a layover. Think about the uncomfortable seating (when available), crowded bathrooms, overprice food, and noisy/busy areas. To escape this chaotic environment, you can head into airport lounges which are private, offer food, and comfortable [...]

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