Credit cards

How Credit Card Travel Insurance Works When Booking a Flight on Points or Miles

Many of the best travel credit cards in Canada come with a comprehensive travel insurance package. Your travel medical insurance applies even if you book on points, but your additional travel insurance benefits such as…

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The Best Travel Rewards Programs in Canada

When I’m asked about the best travel credit cards in Canada, I tell people about the generous sign up bonuses and benefits you’ll get. What people don’t realize is that it’s the travel rewards program…

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is paying an annual fee worth it

Is Paying an Annual Fee Worth it?

For the longest time, I hated paying fees for banking and services. Why would I pay money when I don’t have to right? Well, over the years my stance on fees has changed quite a…

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Why Credit Card Travel Insurance may be Overrated

I love credit cards with travel insurance. They provide you with a tangible benefit that can save you hundreds of dollars year, but here’s the thing, credit card travel insurance may be overrated. To be…

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credit card hacks travel

Credit Card Hacks: How to legally maximize your points and cards

Credit card hacks are some of the easiest things you can do. Heck, you’re likely already doing some of these hacks and you don’t even know it. I’m not talking about real hacks that will…

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american express platinum benefits

American Express Platinum Benefits

The American Express Platinum benefits are the main reason why the Amex Platinum card consistently ranks as one of the best travel credit cards in Canada. Yes, the Amex Platinum comes with a hefty annual…

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Should you defer your mortgage, rent or credit card payments

Should you Defer Your Mortgage, Rent and Credit Card Payments?

With the world upside down, many people have been laid off or had their hours greatly reduced. As you can imagine, this has many people worried about how they’re going to pay their monthly bills.…

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Travel Redemption Tricks | Optimize your miles and points

I write a lot about optimizing your travel and how to improve personal finances. These two subjects share a common hack which can be a very powerful one:  taking advantage of loyalty programs. Many people…

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How to Redeem Travel Points for Gift Cards or a Statement Credit

With most of the best travel rewards programs, redeeming your points for a gift card or statement credit is one of the worst things you can do since they offer low value compared to travel…

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Trip Cancellation Insurance

How Trip Cancellation Insurance Works

I always tell people that having travel insurance is a must whenever you travel. Not only should you have travel medical, but you should also have travel insurance that covers things such as trip cancellation,…

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