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best way to exchange money

The cost of travel: The best way to exchange money

What is the best way to exchange money? That’s easily the question I get asked the most these days. Maybe it’s because finding deals on flights and hotels is a little easier these days but…

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Italy on a Budget

Italy is on the bucket list for many people. With ancient monuments, sweeping landscapes, and the best pasta you’ll find in the world, it’s not hard to see why it’s a favourite destination for many…

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Stay outside of the major areas to save money

Tokyo on a Budget

Tokyo has this reputation of being an expensive place ato visit, but you’ll be surprised to learn that Tokyo on a budget is possible. If you’ve decided to make Tokyo your next destination, you won’t…

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Bali on a budget

Bali on a Budget

Bali on a Budget Bali, the Island of the Gods, has made a name for itself as an affordable luxury escape. Pinterest and Instagram are full of images of infinity pools overlooking lush jungle landscapes…

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Japan trip budget pinterest

Japan on a Budget

Japan is easily my favourite country in the world. I’ve only been a few times, but I constantly think about heading back and find myself researching different areas and new attractions. I remember when I…

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Wealthsimple cash review

Wealthsimple Cash Review

In this Wealthsimple Cash review, I will go over how the current program works. Admittedly, Wealthsimple has gone through some pivots and the original purpose of Wealthsimple Cash was rebranded to Wealthsimple Save. To be…

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Best Hotels Near Disney World with a Shuttle - Ritz Carlton

Best Hotels Near Disney World with a Shuttle

When planning a vacation to Walt Disney World there is a lot to take into consideration including where to stay, how to get around, and of course, the cost of a trip. One of the…

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Amsterdam on a budget

Amsterdam on a Budget

Many people who plan a trip to Europe make Amsterdam one of their priority destinations. It’s really no surprise considering the city is easily accessible, has beautiful scenery, and a laid back attitude. The problem…

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10 Ways to Save Money on Family Vacations

10 Ways to Save Money on Family Vacations

Travelling with kids can be expensive! Airfare alone could easily cost you a few thousand dollars, so it’s no surprise that parents are always looking for ways to save. Sure, staycations can be fun, but…

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KnowRoaming SIM sticker

KnowRoaming Review

Are you looking for a KnowRoaming review? Over the last seven years, I’ve used both their travel SIM card and travel SIM sticker in dozens of countries. The obvious benefit of KnowRoaming is that you…

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