Bank accounts

3 Things to do With Your Money After Getting Married

I got serious about my money when I proposed to my wife nine years ago. Saving for the engagement ring was a big deal, and I knew we would have a lot of upcoming expenses as we started to plan for our wedding. Fortunately, my wife and I were on the same page, but there…

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How to Connect Tangerine to EQ Bank

EQ Bank has been around for a few years now and people are starting to realize that this online bank should be taken seriously. To be realistic, most people are interested in EQ Bank (referral link) because they offer an everyday interest rate of 2.00%*. That’s one of the highest rates you’ll get from any…

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Automatic Savings Program with Tangerine landing page

How to set up an Automatic Savings Program with Tangerine

One of my top tips for saving money is to make things automatic. What that means is that you would set up automatic withdrawals, so your savings becomes your number one priority. It sounds simple enough, but I’ve come to realize not everyone knows how to set up these automatic self-payments. Inspired by Rob Carrick’s…

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fintech in Canada

FinTech in Canada Explained

FinTech in Canada has been growing at a rapid pace. New players are coming online all the time which has given Canadians more choice when it comes to their financial needs. Even traditional banks have recognized the importance of Fintech and have started to roll out new products that are clearly targeting people who are…

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