Best Nightlife in Bangkok for Singles: The unforgettable experiences

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Bangkok, the vibrant capital of Thailand, is known for its thriving nightlife scene. However, some people don’t realize that the city offers countless options for singles looking to enjoy a great night out. Bangkok has various unique venues and entertainment styles you won’t find at home, making it a perfect destination for singles looking to mingle and have fun.

You’ll find endless opportunities to meet other singles, from electrifying nightclubs to laid-back wine bars. With so many places to explore, you’ll likely be wondering where you should go, what you should see, and where you should stay.

Exploring Bangkok Nightlife

While it’s not hard to find things to do at night in Bangkok, a few areas are more popular for nightlife. Bars, clubs, and lounges are typically centralized in a few spots, which makes it easy for singles to hop around if they’re not enjoying the vibe at the first spot they’ve hit. 

Silom: A Hub for Singles

Silom is home to the famous Patpong Night Market, where you can enjoy local street food and shopping late into the evening. Since this market is open late, there are quite a few bars and clubs nearby, such as White Rabbit Bar, ROGUE AFFAIR Cocktail Bar, and Top House, where you can meet people. It’s also close to BTS and MRT stations, so getting back to your hotel is easy.

Sukhumvit: Diversity in Entertainment

Sukhumvit is one of Bangkok’s more popular highlife spots since it’s on a BTS line and an area that many tourists recognize. Since there are so many travellers here, you’ll find diverse entertainment options such as Bisou Bangkok, a French restaurant and wine bar. Other upscale cocktail bars include Lennon’s, The Speakeasy Rooftop Bar, and Flamenco. Sukhumvit is also known for its street food, so grabbing food on the go is easy.

RCA and Thonglor: The Trendy Hotspots

For a more upscale and trendy nightlife experience, head to Royal City Avenue (RCA) and Thonglor. These neighbourhoods are known for their party scene and offer chic venues to spend your evening. Some popular spots include Mod Kaew Wine Bar, and Scarlett Wine Bar & Restaurant. There’s also Route 66, a popular nightclub with live music and DJs.

Khao San Road: Backpacker’s Paradise

For a more laid-back atmosphere, you can’t miss Khao San Road. This is arguably the most well-known spot in Bangkok, as it’s been a backpacker’s paradise for decades. Not only will you find cheap street food and lively bars, but you’ll also find a lot of single travellers due to the number of hostels and budget hotels in the area. There’s not one specific spot for singles. Look for any bar, club, or restaurant that looks popular and head in.

Top Bars and Clubs

There are hundreds of bars and clubs in Bangkok, with new ones opening almost daily. Although it’s not hard to find a club that caters to what you like, it does require some research. It’s best to read user reviews, but below is a good starting point.

Vibrant Nightclubs for Singles

There are plenty of options if you’re seeking lively nightclubs in Bangkok. Remember that most clubs will charge cover, which typically includes one drink. Some clubs to consider include:

  • The Club: Located on Khaosan Road, The Club is a good starting point as this 3-level club has excellent live music and attracts international DJs doing special sets. 
  • Portal: Just a short walk from Chong Nonsi Station, Portal is another club worth mentioning as it mixes light shows with live music. 
  • Sing Sing Theater: This nightclub combines theatrical performances with dance music. While it may sound cheesy, Sing Sing Theater is always popular.

Exclusive Cocktail Bars

Anyone looking for exquisite cocktails, you’ll have plenty of choices. As a single person, don’t worry too much about meeting someone at a cocktail bar. Instead, focus on the drinks as it’s an experience in itself. A few popular cocktail bars in Bangkok are as follows:

  • Firefly Bar: It’s no surprise that Firefly Bar is a popular spot since it’s more upscale, has live music, and offers creative drinks using local flavours. This bar is inside the Siam Kempinski Hotel, so it’s easy to find. 
  • Alonetogether Bar: Although Alonetogether Bar is a jazz bar, the drink portions are generous. Many people like that the club has a chill feeling, which is a nice break from the hustle of Bangkok. There’s also live music every night.
  • The Parlor: Often described as stepping into a Wes Anderson movie, the atmosphere at The Parlor is arguably the highlight. It’s also a great place to hang out, even if you’re alone. This bar is found on the 4th floor of the Standard Hotel.

Gay and Drag Bars

Bangkok’s gay nightlife scene is vibrant and welcoming. Generally speaking, Silom Soi 4 has the most gay bars and clubs to choose from, so heading there is a good start. That said, since Thai’s are very open, all bars welcome the LGBT community, but some gay-specific clubs include:

  • The Stranger Bar (House of Drag Queens): As the name implies, The Stranger Bar (House of Drag Queens) is known for its Drag Queens. Even if you’re not part of the LGBTQ+ community, you’ll be welcomed into this club. The staff are friendly, and the Queens put a lot of effort into their shows, so it’s a night to remember.
  • House of Heals: A super exciting spot with fun and talented nightly performances. The cover is about 1,200 Baht and includes one drink. The one downside of the House of Heals is that the venue is small, but the show makes up for it. The bar is also conveniently located just a few steps from Chit Lom station.
  • Bipolar Silom: The best drag show in Silom is found at Bipolar Silom. Once the show begins, you’ll quickly notice the energy and effort that the performers put into their work. This bar is easy to find as it’s near Sala Daeng BTS station, right above the Silver Sand restaurant.

Rooftop Bars with Stunning Views

With breathtaking views, Bangkok’s rooftop bars are not to be missed. Even though prices at these bars will be higher than what you find at ground level, the experience you get is likely worth splurging on for at least one night. A few rooftop bars to see include:

  • Sky Bar: If Sky Bar looks familiar, it’s because it was featured in the movie Hangover 2. That fame has made the bar more expensive, but it’s still one of the highest outdoor bars in the world. Try to arrive early, as it gets busy and order the signature drink, the Hangovertini.
  • Octave Rooftop Lounge & Bar: This panoramic bar spans the 45th – 49th floors of the Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit. That’s right, Octave Rooftop Lounge & Bar is four stories! The 48th floor has the best views, but floors 45 – 47 have covered seating. The top floor tends to be the busiest and will often have a live DJ.
  • Tichuca Rooftop Bar: Opened in 2020, the Tichuca Rooftop Bar is a relatively new addition to Bangkok’s rooftop bar scene. Many younger people are attracted to this bar since the LED tree provides an excellent background for social media. Of course, the views of the city also help.

Specialty Nights in Bangkok

Specialty nights in Bangkok are easy for clubs and bars to get people in the doors. The idea is that when people walking by see many people inside an establishment, they’ll be more inclined to enter, too. Fortunately, these theme nights typically benefit everyone.

Ladies Night

Ladies Night is wildly popular in Bangkok as it’s a way for bars to attract more females. To get the ladies to come, bars and clubs usually offer free cover and a few drinks. It’s important to note that Ladies Night is not exclusive to women. Men are still welcome, but having a Ladies Night is meant to get more people inside to create a more exciting atmosphere. Many bars and clubs throughout the city have Ladies Night, but some of the more popular ones include:

Theme Parties

Theme Parties are another fantastic way to experience Bangkok’s nightlife as a single. These parties often feature live DJ events, and guests are encouraged to dress up according to a specific theme. Popular theme parties include:

  1. Tropical Nights: Dress up in your favourite Hawaiian shirt or go with bold colours.
  2. Retro Parties: Take a trip down memory lane with classic tunes from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. Some people will even dress up in retro clothes.
  3. Masquerade Balls: Don a mask and experience a night of mystery and enchantment.

These events provide a unique opportunity for singles to bond over shared interests and enjoy an unforgettable night out in Bangkok.

Live DJ Events

In addition to Ladies’ Nights and Theme Parties, Live DJ Events create an energetic atmosphere that draws singles in droves. World-class and local DJs often perform at Bangkok’s bustling nightclubs, making these events the perfect opportunity for singles to dance and socialize.

Notable venues hosting such events include:

  • Beam Club: A great spot for electronic music and hipster vibes.
  • Onyx: You’ll find a mix of EDM and Hip Hop beats throughout the night.
  • Studio Lam: A paradise for people who love live music and dancing.

The best nightlife in Bangkok for singles is often associated with live DJs, so don’t miss out.

Things to do at night in Bangkok

Dining and Nightlife Fusion

Many singles don’t care too much about dining options since they’ll be travelling solo, but you still need to eat, right? One option is to choose a restaurant or bar providing food and entertainment.

Restaurants with Night Entertainment

If you’re looking for a combination of food and entertainment, Bangkok has numerous options for you. From local street food to international delicacies, Bangkok has every type of cuisine that you can imagine. Some restaurants worth checking out include:

  • The Never-Ending Summer: Located in a former factory, The Never-Ending Summer offers exquisite Thai cuisine. You won’t find live music, but you get a trendy riverside setting. Some would argue that watching the boat traffic go by on the river is the best entertainment.
  • The Iron Fairies Music Bar: A unique bar and dining experience awaits you at The Iron Fairies Music Bar. With rustic, whimsical interiors and live music, you can savour your drink while enjoying an enchanting environment. The bar mainly serves cocktails, but there are a few international snacks that you can order, too.

Jazz Bars and Live Music Venues

Bangkok’s vibrant jazz and live music scene creates the perfect ambiance for singles looking to enjoy their night. Here are a couple of venues worth checking out:

  1. Smalls Bar: Located in the Sathorn district, Smalls Bar is LGBT-friendly and offers a cozy and intimate atmosphere for jazz lovers. Unwind with your favourite drink and experience top-quality live jazz performances while mingling with fellow music lovers.
  2. The Rock Pub: Featuring both local and international acts, The Rock Pub features rock and heavy metal performances. – a rarity in Bangkok. Different types of music are featured each day, so check their website for the latest happenings. This pub is easily found since it’s right by Ratchathewi BTS station.

Unique Nightlife Experiences

Instead of focusing on clubs, bars, and restaurants, you could enjoy other things that Bangkok offers. Fortunately, many places are open late, and there are different experiences to be had.

Night Markets and Street Food Tours

Bangkok is famous for its bustling night markets. While tourists usually focus on shopping, you’ll also find street food and cultural displays. One notable market you shouldn’t miss is Asiatique. Although some consider it touristy, this riverfront spot has a night market and mall, which makes it perfect for all conditions. There’s even a Ferris wheel that gives you epic views.

Consider joining a street food tour to better appreciate Bangkok’s street food scene. Expert guides will introduce you to the city’s culinary gems and uncover hidden delights known only to locals. From savoury dishes like pad Thai to sweet, icy treats like mango sticky rice, your taste buds will thank you for the experience.

Best Nightlife in Bangkok for Singles

Cultural Shows and Performances

While enjoying Bangkok’s vibrant nightlife, don’t forget to add some cultural shows and performances to your itinerary. The city boasts numerous venues offering traditional Thai dance, music, Muay Thai and theatre performances that showcase Thailand’s rich cultural heritage.

Figure out what you want to see, and then ask your hotel for recommendations. Many events can also be booked via major companies such as Viator and Expedia.

Where to Stay in Bangkok for Nightlife

Since Bangkok has such excellent public transportation, where you stay is not a huge concern. That said, some areas are more popular for backpackers, who are typically single, and nightlife – where many solo travellers tend to gravitate towards.

Khao San Road Hotels

Khao San Road is the hub for backpackers and those seeking a lively, affordable nightlife scene. It offers cheap accommodations combined with street food, bars, and clubs. When choosing a hotel in this area, consider proximity to the main street for easy access to the vibrant night scene. Some popular options include:

  • Dang Derm Hotel: Located right on Khao San Road, Dang Derm offers a rooftop pool and stylish rooms at budget-friendly prices.
  • Buddy Boutique Inn: A short walk from Khao San Road, Buddy Boutique Inn offers a cozy atmosphere with a touch of Thai art.

Sukhumvit Hotels

Sukhumvit is a prime location for middle to high-end accommodations nestled among bars and clubs. The area is famous for its two main nightlife spots: Nana and Asoke. Here you will find a variety of hotels to suit your taste:

  • Grande Centre Point Terminal 21: Located close to the Asoke BTS station, Grande Centre Point Terminal 21 is a luxury hotel that offers easy access to bars, clubs, and shopping malls.
  • Movenpick Hotel Sukhumvit 15: The Movenpick Hotel Sukhumvit 15 is a four-star hotel situated on a quiet street but within walking distance to nightlife hotspots.

Bangkok Riverside Hotels

Beside the picturesque Chao Phraya River, you’ll find some of the most high-end hotels in Bangkok. These luxury hotels are perfect for unwinding after a night out and give you easy access to the river.:

  • Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok: Overlooking the river, the Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok is a five-star hotel with unobstructed views and easy access to the sky train.
  • Mandarin Oriental Bangkok: Although the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok is the oldest luxury hotel in Bangkok, it boasts private river cruises and fine dining options.

Silom Hotels

Silom is known as a business district during the day, but it has a lively entertainment scene by night. It offers a good mix of budget and luxury accommodations, providing easy access to nightlife.

  • Le Méridien Bangkok: Located only a few minutes from Patpong Night Market and its surrounding bars, the Le Méridien Bangkok is one of the better luxury hotels in the city.
  • I Residence Hotel Silom: A great budget option, I Residence provides friendly service and close proximity to nightlife options in Silom.
Best Nightlife in Bangkok

Planning Your Night Out

The best nightlife in Bangkok for singles requires some logistical planning. You’ll need to figure out dress codes and transportation and be mindful of your safety.

Dress Codes and Cultural Norms

In Bangkok’s nightlife scene, being aware of dress codes and cultural norms is essential. Many clubs, bars, and upscale venues have dress codes that require patrons to wear smart casual attire or more formal clothing. Avoid wearing flip-flops, tank tops, or overly casual shorts to ensure a smooth entry into your desired nightlife destination. You need to be dressed super formal, but you shouldn’t look like a surfer, either.

Transportation and Logistics

Navigating Bangkok’s nightlife can be challenging, but with some foresight, you can easily plan your evening. The city offers a variety of transportation options, including taxis, tuk-tuks, and public transportation, such as the BTS Skytrain and MRT subway systems. Familiarizing yourself with routes and approximate travel times is vital to ensure a seamless and enjoyable night out. Additionally, always carry enough cash for transportation expenses and consider downloading a ride-hailing app like Grab for added convenience.

  • Taxis: Widely available and convenient for numerous locations
  • Tuk-tuks: Quick and convenient, especially during heavy traffic
  • BTS Skytrain and MRT subway: Efficient, affordable, and reliable

Staying Safe While Enjoying the Night

Safety should always be a priority when exploring Bangkok’s nightlife as a single. Be aware of your surroundings, keep your belongings secure, and monitor your alcohol consumption. It’s also essential to comply with the rules of each establishment you visit and maintain personal ethics. 

Make sure to follow any posted guidelines and adhere to cultural norms to ensure a safe and enjoyable night out. Don’t forget to always charge your phone, and keep your hotel or accommodation address handy if you need to return early or unexpectedly.

Best Nightlife in Bangkok for Singles chinatown

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best district in Bangkok for single travellers seeking lively nightlife?

The best district in Bangkok for single travellers seeking is Sukhumvit. It is the heart of Bangkok’s nightlife and offers a variety of bars, clubs, and entertainment options. It also has easy access to transportation and hotels.

What are the top nightclubs in Bangkok that attract a singles crowd?

Some top nightclubs in Bangkok that attract a singles crowd include Onyx Bangkok Nightclub, located on Royal City Avenue (RCA), which offers an extraordinary nightclub experience. Other famous clubs in this area are Route 66 and House of Heals.

Are there any nightlife areas in Bangkok that offer free-entry clubs for singles?

Although most clubs in Bangkok charge an entrance fee, some clubs offer free entry for ladies on specific nights, commonly called ‘Ladies Night.’ Keep an eye on club promotions and events to find free-entry opportunities.

How does the nightlife in Bangkok cater to single adults compared to couples?

Bangkok’s nightlife attracts single adults and couples by offering different entertainment and themed nights. Numerous bars, clubs, pubs, and lounges cater to various demographics. Specifically, those catered to singles looking to mingle.

Which clubs in Bangkok are known to be popular with foreigners and single visitors?

In addition to Onyx Bangkok Nightclub, other popular clubs with foreigners and single visitors include Sing Sing Theater, and Levels Club & Lounge. These clubs offer a diverse and lively atmosphere, making them great choices for singles looking to meet new people.

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