New American Express Aeroplan Cards Arrive

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The new American Express Aeroplan Cards have officially launched and we now know all the details. Competition is going to be tough since TD and CIBC also have multiple Aeroplan cards, but American Express has delievered the best welcome bonus for true loyalists.

Although all the best Aeroplan credit cards are similar, they have slightly different sign up offers and earn rates. You need to analyze each card and see which one benefits you the most personally. For example, if you prioritize luxury travel, you may be interested in the Reserve Card. Families will likely be attracted to the Air Canada Buddy Pass.

Remember, if you signed up for the wait list, you’ll getadditional 5,000-10,000 Aeroplan points (this is not factored in below). Here’s a look at the new American Express Aeroplan cards.

American Express Aeroplan Card

Even though this is the entry-level Aeroplan Card for American Express, it’s still a pretty good card. The welcome bonus is good since it comes with an Air Canada Buddy Pass which can easily be worth hundreds of dollars.

When it comes to regular spending, only dining and food delivery gave you additional points at 1.5 Aeroplan points per $1 spent. This will appeal to people who always eat out or get take out.

Oddly enough, the American Express Aeroplan Card has very limited travel insurance. It doesn’t even include travel medical insurance which is quite rate for a travel credit card with an annual fee of $120.

American Express Aeroplan Reserve Card

When you’re paying a $599 annual fee, you expect the card to be packed with benefits and the American Express Aeroplan Reserve Card doesn’t disappoint. What sets this card apart from TD and CIBC is the fact that you can choose more Aeroplan points over the Air Canada Buddy Pass as your welcome bonus.

Although you some would argue that the Buddy Pass worth more than the points you’re giving up, it really comes down to how you travel. Someone who mainly travels solo or prefers to fly on Air Canada partners may not find the Buddy Pass to be of any use.

Similar to the American Express Aeroplan Card, you get a high earn rate for Air Canada purchases, as well as dining and food delivery at 3X and 2X respectively. The American Express Aeroplan Reserve Card card does come with a comprehensive travel insurance package.

American Express Aeroplan Business Reserve Card

Finally, there’s the American Express Aeroplan Business Reserve Card which gives you 2 points per $1 spent on hotels and car rentals instead of dining and food delivery compared to the non-business version.

You would also get the standard business tolls which can be helpful for small business owners.

When you factor in the 10,000 additional points that come with the Reserve cards if you signed up for the waitlist, the welcome bonus is quite generous since you can earn up to 75,000 Aeroplan points. Only the American Express Business Platinum Card gives you a sign up bonus that’s similar and you would need to use a referral link to get it.

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