Aer Go Pack Review

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I’ve been using the Aer Travel Pack for a few years now so when they reached out to see if I wanted to try their new Aer Go Pack, you better believe I was excited. For the casual traveller, you’re probably thinking what’s so special about a backpack? But as someone who has used Aer travel products in the past, I knew that it would be something special.

All of Aer’s bags have a minimalist design and are highly durable. What impresses me most about them is that they really have traveller’s best interests in mind. Everything about the bag has a purpose. Keep reading my Aer Go Pack Review to find why it’s the perfect bag for travellers.

Aer Go Pack Review

Aer Go Pack Features

  • Durable 300D Cordura ripstop nylon exterior
  • YKK zippers
  • Duraflex plastic hardware
  • Easy-grip hypalon zipper pulls
  • Designed to roll up or pack flat inside luggage or carry-on backpacks
  • Main compartment for spacious storage
  • Quick-access top pocket for small items
  • Exterior water bottle pockets
  • Luggage handle pass through
  • Laptop pocket fits up to 13″ laptop
  • Interior zippered pocket for secure storage
  • Dimensions: 16.9” / 11.8” / 5.0
  • Volume: 21.4L

All of those features sound fancy but how do they work in a practical sense? If you noticed the picture above, I took the Aer Go Pack on a recent trip to Barbados to test it out.

When it comes to first impressions, Aer never disappoints. The design, exterior, zippers, and zipper pills are clearly of high quality. You could tell that this bag is built to be stylish, secure, and practical.

The bag retails for $85USD which isn’t cheap, but you’re getting quality

Casual travellers will often take backpacks with them on trips, but those are built more to carry things around. Some companies design bags for the outdoors and travel, but those tend to focus just on security and durability. My Aer Go Pack review is positive because it’s built specifically for travellers in mind.

The interior zippered pocket for secure storage doesn’t sound unique, but it’s much larger than any other bags I’ve seen. I’ve also fallen in love with the quick-access top pocket as I put items that I use on a regular basis in there depending on the situation. For example, when I’m headed to the airport my passport and headphones will be there.

Besides the main compartment, there are also two smaller internal pockets which ended up being more useful than I thought they would be. I put my battery charger in one pocket and my camera in the other so I never had to dig to find where they were.

Although the laptop pocket is designed for 13” computers, I was able to comfortably fit my 15” Dell XPS in there.

I should also mention that the luggage handle pass through is incredibly convenient when you’re travelling with rolling luggage since you won’t need to carry your backpack.

aer go pack review luggage

Why bother with a backpack when you can use a day pack?

Over the last 15 years of my travels, I’ve probably used a dozen different bags. I started with a regular backpack which was the same one I used in college, but I tend to use side or sling bags these days.

These side bags were practical in the sense that it would fit my camera, a water bottle, and a few other smaller things, but my travel style has changed.

Most of my trips now involve my family which includes my daughter or it’s for work. When you have a child, you just bring a lot of stuff with you so having a good bag is essential. For reference, we went through 3 diaper bags before we found the right one and we use a different bag for travel. The Aer Go Pack will end up being a good multi-purpose bag since the extra pockets can be used for my travel gear while the main compartment can be used for everything else.

Even when I’m travelling alone, I tend to carry more stuff now so switching to a backpack will probably make my life easier. Side bags are practical, but if I ever had to take off a layer of clothing or if I bought stuff, I couldn’t throw it into my bag.

With the Aer Go Pack, I have more space to put my things and since it’s stylish, I never feel like a tourist. To be honest, I’m not fooling anyone that I’m a local, but at least my bag isn’t bright blue or has R2D2 on it.

Final thoughts

My Aer Go Pack review is positive. Unless I’m travelling solo for a day or two, I’ll likely start bringing my Aer Go Pack on every trip. The design and style of the bag are perfect for travellers. Some people may the $85 USD retail price is high, but you’re getting quality gear here so I think it’s worth it. If you’re looking for traditional luggage, I like the Travelpro Crew Versapack Global.

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