With 2018 quickly approaching, many sites are releasing their travel lists for 2018. I’ve already released my picks for the top destinations and now Booking.com has released their list of the biggest travel predictions for 2018. They didn’t do it alone, they looked at 128 million guest reviews along with research from 19,000 travellers across 26 countries to come up with this list.

New Tech Frontiers

Virtual Reality goggles have become pretty popular these days, but now they’re being used to promote destinations. I’ve tested these out myself and can confirm that it’s pretty cool concept. Tourism boards are now creating video 360-degree videos. Put those on your smartphone while using one of those VR goggles and it’ll be like you’re actually at the destination. Seriously, I’ve virtually visited Winnipeg, Jamaica, and Montreal which gave me a clear idea of what I could expect if I were to head over there in real life.

From dream to reality

Everyone has a travel bucket list right? Well, why not make 2018 the year to cross something off of it? Go ahead and take that epic trip across Japan you’ve always dreamed about or how about finally visiting Disney World which you’ve been planning since you were 15? It’s pretty easy for us to make excuses for not travelling, but by making travel a priority, you’ll never be disappointed.

Retro reboot

Here’s a trend that I can relate too. It’s expected that travellers will be revisiting their favourite childhood memories as part of their trips in 2018. Since I now have a baby girl, I plan on taking her on a road trip to Montreal or Sudbury since those were two of the places I first travelled to with my parents. Nostalgia is part of the reason why I want to do this trip, but more importantly, I want my daughter to experience travel at a young age.

Pop culture pilgrimage

Visiting destinations where your favourite TV shows and films are shot is nothing new, but as those filming locations get more exotic, more people are encouraged to travel. You could argue that the Lord of the Rings trilogy is the main reason why tourism has exploded in New Zealand, but there are other destinations that are on the rise. Jordan has gained popularity as of late since it stood in as Mars in the movies The Martian and Prometheus. Game of Thrones has filmed in Iceland, Ireland, Spain, and Croatia which have all seen huge boosts in tourism.

Walk your way to wellness

Forget the tour buses or taking Uber everywhere, travellers plan on walking more in 2018. The best thing about walking is that you get to experience new destinations like a local. There’s nothing quite like wandering the streets of a city and coming across something amazing that won’t ever be mentioned in a guidebook. Besides those hidden gems you’ll find, walking will keep you in shape. Other healthy things you can do while travelling includes cycling, water sports, and yoga.

Economic intuition

Since this is a budget travel blog, I’m excited to learn that many travellers have started to focus stretching their dollar. Budget travel doesn’t mean travelling for as cheap as possible, but rather, it’s getting value for your money. Obviously, you should make your best efforts to save on flights and hotels, but there are also many ways you can save on your ground costs. You could cook some of your own meals abroad or look for free attractions. Alternatively, you could visit a country that is cheap to visit such as Thailand.

The great mate escape

Travelling in a group can be thrilling or a pain, but appears more travellers are willing to give it a go next year. The hardest part about travelling in a group is satisfying everyone’s wanderlust and needs, but with the right people, it can be a ton of fun. If you’re going to go the group route, make sure you talk to your friends about what they’re passionate about to ensure no one is feeling left out. You could also join a group tour which would eliminate much of the planning process so you can all just focus on the adventure.

Live like a local, not with one

Here’s another tip I can relate to. Although I still book hotels quite a bit, I’ve been using Airbnb more often as of late. The cost savings is obviously a draw, but I’d say the biggest reason I book Airbnb’s is because I can interact with the hosts who are local. Not once have I ever received a bad recommendation from a host or local when it comes to attractions or restaurants. They live there so of course they’re going to know all the best places. Travellers are looking for those experiences and it’s never been easier to find them.

8 Travel Trends for 2018

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