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Gas prices hit a record high last week in Toronto and they’re expected go up again this week.  Yikes! **Update: As of November 26, 2014 gas prices have actually fallen to some of the lowest prices in years.

Regardless, we can’t control the cost of gas but here are 8 ways to save money on your morning commute.


Take transit: This should be obvious, if you’re able to take public transit to work then you should. Yes it’ll take more time but if saving is our priority then sacrifices need to be made. Don’t forget to see what transit passes are available so you can maximize your savings.

save money on your morning commute subway

Use the right gas: Okay for some of us transit isn’t an option but  if we must drive then always use the type of fuel that our owner’s manual recommends. Choosing a higher octane will not make our car perform better, and using a lower octane gas than what our car engine is built for will only make it work harder. In both situations, we’ll end up spending more.

Check your tires: This is minor but having our tires inflated to the right pressure can save us money since our cars performance will be better.  Having our tires a little over the recommended level is okay.

Use Google Maps: Google Maps has traffic data available and uses it when calculating your route.  By using the app it will direct you around any traffic, saving you time and money since you won’t be idling in traffic.


Make your own coffee: I get it, some of us NEED that morning coffee but at $2-$5 a day is it worth it?  Even if you bought a fancy espresso machine you could easily make your money back within a year.  It takes only 5 minutes to make a coffee at home and it’ll probably taste better.

save money on your morning commute

Avoid extras: It might be hard to drop that daily coffee right away but cutting out those extras we buy like cookies and muffins should be an easy compromise.  Just buy these snacks in packages at the grocery store where they are much cheaper.

Using plastic

Cash-back credit cards: Are you getting the most out of your credit cards?  Consider switching to cash-back credit card since they can offer us more rewards on gas and groceries.  Don’t forget though credit cards can make some of us spend more so be mindful when using credit.

ATM fees: When pulling out money in the mornings be sure to only use machines from your bank.  It may only cost you an extra dollar but it makes no sense to pay fees when you don’t have to.

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