How many people made a New Year’s resolution to save more money? I would imagine a ton of people did, but how many of you are able to actually do so?

Saving money can be easy as long as you stop wasting money. Eating out all the time and shopping excessively are the obvious answers, but here’s 7 things that we might be paying for that’s cutting into our savings.

Upgrades on anything – Would you like to make that a large drink? How about adding a dessert for just $1 extra? Upgrades can offer value since you’re paying just a little more, but what you need to ask yourself is; do I really need this upgrade?

Upgrades don’t just apply to fast food. When you buy electronics, stores will ask you if you want to buy extended warranty which is basically an upgrade. How about when you buy a new car? They’ll push you hard for all the upgrades since that’s where the big margins are. Stop wasting money and only upgrade if you need to.

Fees of any kind – I despise fees and you should too. I find it amazing how many people waste money on daily fees and don’t even realize it. These small fees are easily forgettable and that’s probably why many of us pay no attention to paying them. Cutting back on fees won’t make you rich, but it’ll definitely make saving a lot easier.

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Internet/phone/cable packages – Telecom providers are sneaky, they offer you huge savings when you bundle all your services together. Why wouldn’t you use the same company for your internet, home phone, cell phone, and cable when you can save money?

Well the thing is, once you have all your services together with one company, it can be difficult to leave. Third party companies often offer much better prices for the same services, but usually we’re too lazy to switch over because it’s too much of a “hassle”. Stop wasting money and switch now. Better yet, how about just cutting some of your services completely to save more?

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Coffee shops – I’ve nothing against treating yourself to a nice drink, but I do have a problem with people who buy a coffee everyday and then complain that they have nothing saved. Treat your daily coffee like a fee, and that cookie you get with it as an upgrade and drop them. I don’t drink coffee, so I won’t claim I understand why you might need a fix, but what I do know is that brewing your own coffee will cost you much less.

Bottled Water – Do I really need to explain why you shouldn’t buy bottled water? You want to pay for water when you can get it for free from a tap? Seriously, most of the time bottled water is basically filtered water, so you’re essentially paying for tap water.  Save yourself some money and buy a Brita, you can even get them in water bottle form.

Gym memberships – Gym memberships can be a huge waste of money. If we’re not going on a regular basis, then why continuing to paying for it? We can keep telling ourselves that we’ll go more often, but if we don’t have a regular routine going on already, the odds are we won’t change.

Don’t get me wrong, gym memberships are great, assuming we’re actually going to the gym. But again, why keep a membership if we’re not working out?

Traffic tickets – I’m very guilty of this, I’m especially a magnet for speeding tickets whenever I visit the U.S. and it’s cost me a small fortune. Save yourself some money and just stick to the speed limit / traffic speed. Parking tickets are even worse since they are easily avoidable and it’ll up your insurance costs. Always pay for your parking, that illegal parking job while you run in to get Starbucks is not worth the $35 dollar ticket.

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